Saturday, March 20, 2010

From this...

To this!

Yup! Mango Cheesecake! There's mango puree in the cheese, topped with mango puree jelly and cubes of fresh mango. I've been wanting to try out mango cheesecake for some times, but everytime before I can get started, the mangoes are already gone... into my hubby's tummy. Finally! I tried it out today. Nice. :>


Cookie and Cream Cheesecake

Some of the cookies should be left chunky, to give it that crunch!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cakepops Debut!

These little gems are called cakepops. Simply put: cake mould to the size of a lollipop, on a stick.
I should have taken the photos once its done, but I had done it late at night and stored them in the fridge. The condensed water droplets showed in the pictures, but non the less, they are still yummy. Taste test by the kids and office colleagues.

Dark Chocolate coating on the outside...

Rich creamy chocolate cake on the inside...

Next round, I'm gonna add rum and rasins... Rum and Rasin Dark Chocolate Cakepops!

Pineapple Tarts

I made this giant one last year.
Pineapple Tart1

This year, I made these... about 9 containers full, not counting the ones that got pinched while cooling on the rack.
Pineapple Tart5

Pineapple Tart4

Pineapple Tart3

Pineapple Tart51

Than there are also these big ones which my boy called them "Pineapple Cake", yah, they are abit too big to be called a tart. Its about 6inch in diameter.Pineapple Tart6

Pineapple Tart7

Banana Bread

Banana Bread. The banana gave it the moisture, so its like a cross of bread and cake texture.
Banana Bread 11

Wholemeal Bread - mini loaf

Can't go wrong with wholemeal... slap on some Nutella. Yum!
Bread Wholemeal1

The top view...
Bread Wholemeal2

And than I had this four leave clover version. I thought its easy to pinch out the pieces to dip in soup. ...yah... cream of mushroom please...
Bread Wholemeal3